Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Day Two, Damascus

12 August 2009 - Damascus, Syria

All is well. Just blogging to let you know we are safe...but, really, there is no need to worry about us. The country is beautiful, the people are kind. Today we slept in, took a taxi to the Old City, explored the National Museum (really cool) and roamed around the Umayyad Mosque for a long time, hanging out with friends. Dinner tonight with the couch-surf host guy and his family.

Tomorrow, Palymyra.

P.S. I tried to upload a pic or two, but it doesn't seem to have worked.


Anonymous said...

Beware of anybody that does not go by the name of Mohammed, Mohamid, Mohamet, Mohameed or Osama, ok !
VERY happy to hear both of you are safe - where are couches, are you not supposed to be sleeping on couches ? Was interested to know if they have couch potatoes over there too ! Also if their couches have sneaky springs ..... I do not trust couches, that is why I have a hammock in kapok tree, nothing can hide in, Myra.

Anonymous said...

Hey blogger, what's with no photos, HUH ?!?!?! - Need proof you are actually where you say you are - you could be on another boat discussing the immorality of money while sailing a zig zag for Seth Effreeka, or, for all we know, you could still be in Beirut clubbing like crazies - you must stick up some photos otherwise I do not believe a word you are writing - I too could be happily writing such wonderful stuff on my blog site (if I had one)about how I am living it up in Timbuktoo and what a great place it is too and, hell, the Timbuktooians are such a friendly lot and soooo generous, and their museums, well, you should see them, they are incredible, all 90 of them and all this I can glean from some googled website while I am sitting on my buttsky in my kapok tree - can even offer explanations as to why can't stick up photos onto my nonexistent blog site to cover up fact am nowhere near Timbuktoo - next explanation you will be offering for nonexistent photos not being able to be stuck up on blogsite will probably be that your camera is bung @! xxxxxx's