Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Safe, Sound, Syria

11 August 2009 - Damascus, Syria

We were delayed a day but got into Damascus this afternoon. It's beautiful, the people are wonderful. We're safe and having a great time. Crossing the border was a bit of a long drag, but interesting and we weren't detained for any reason. Our couch-surf host put us up in a nifty little flat over a factory on the south side of the city. Taxis are way cheap and even after the drivers double the fee because we're foreigners, it's still affordable. The sim cards are dirt cheap compared to Lebanon so we've got a Syria phone number (Alyssa had to give a fingerprint for it). We met up with "Hemingway," a guy we met on the Corniche our very first time in Beirut back in April. He's studying English literature and speaks English better than we do. He only started speaking it a year ago and just told us how he spent two months memorizing 3,000 words from the Oxford dictionary. Meanwhile, I'm still working on the "ulchgh" sound in marhaba. Hemingway is hilarious and we laughed our way through the dinner, the souks and ice cream. We're having dinner with the couch-surfer host family tomorrow night.

I am only humouring myself with this post. My access to the blog is blocked so it will be a mystery to me if this posts. Maybe my favorite blog reader will get out of the kapok tree and send confirmation that this gets posted.


Anonymous said...

This did get posted?Wow i need to learn Inglisss Glad all is well