Thursday, April 3, 2014

A House in the Sky

April 2, 2014
Grapevine, TX

My banker took me to lunch today at an upscale restaurant in a trendy hotel at an intersection of two massive Dallas freeways.  He ordered the blackened tuna something-or-other so I said, "I finished a book this morning about a woman who was kidnapped in Somalia and held for 15-months.  On release she said she'd never eat tuna again."[bxA]

"The Somali pirates fed her a lot of tuna?" He asked, prodding his rare tuna steak with a knife.

"Yeah," I told him, "cans of tuna and rotten bananas."

"This is served with garlic and pepper aioli."

"Yeah, I'm pretty sure the Somali pirates served it with garlic and pepper aioli too."

We laughed and then talked for an hour about how best to manage the company's cash surplus while I imagined Amanda Lindhout trapped in a hot dusty room outside Mogadishu, starved and tortured for over a year while her family put together half a million dollars to pay her captors.

Mogadishu, Somalia (lifted from internet)