Friday, August 14, 2009

Peaceful Palmyra

14 August 2009 - Palmyra, Syria

Yesterday was a long crazy day getting to the bus in Damascus and onto to Palmyra. It's a remote desert town with amazing ruins. The tiny town has a main street, a handful of hotels and lots of locals who like to chat and welcome welcome welcome us to Syria. We roamed the ruins at sunset and Alyssa road a camel named Bob Marley. Up at 4:30am today to see the ruins at sunrise - and escape the midday heat (that sets in by 8am). Alyssa is a little under the weather so I am going it alone today. Just did a tour of the tombs and may checkout the castle at sunset. Lots of pictures to post, but it ain't happening in Syria. We're off to Aleppo tomorrow and not sure what after that. Should be back in Beirut by the 22nd.

As our friends in Damascus said many times, who knows what the future holds.