Friday, December 3, 2010

The Best Job in the World

My 2008-2010 travel journals.

3 December 2010 - Houston, Texas

Speaking of ‘the Office’ and the tired topic of ‘do I dare?’ from my 2006 journal, I did dare and I’m done talking about the travels.[bxA]

I need a job.

Preferably in an office. Even better in the Office. Is Dunder Mifflin hiring?

In the months before I returned to the US, I seriously pursued a job I thought I really wanted. I got the offer. I turned it down. The timing was terrible. I would have had to move across the world almost as soon as I got to Texas. The camel with my karma was nowhere to be found and a move like that might have separated us for good.

Camels in Cairo. Photo by Elly Kjellqvist (Jan09).

Still, my camel would have loved this move if he’d been with me when the offer came in.

Meanwhile, I am officially kicking off the hunt for a job. So far it mostly consists of watching ‘The Office’ and socializing with people who have jobs. Today I stepped it up a notch and googled “best job on earth.” This is what I found:


Have y’all heard about this? The Tourism board of Queensland, Australia paid this guy $150 grand to live for six months in luxury accommodation on an island and blog about it. My sister sent me the details when the campaign launched but I park-benched it.

The job I declined was in Sydney. So close! It was a banking job, so a bit tougher gig than the island blogger job.

Jul’10 – Singapore. Botero’s ‘Bird’ on the day I started interviewing.

Though I glanced at the Queensland website and it looks like a pretty big job to me. He writes an informative blog, which is something I have not exactly strived to do here on ‘Just Say Phuket’.

Besides, I wouldn’t need six months to convince people to go to Australia. The two most immediate and irresistible reasons to go to Queensland are….

14 February 2009 –Millennium en route to Port Blair, India.

Fiona & Alyssa.