Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Back Again, Again

4 August 2009 - Beirut-Rafic Hariri International Airport, Lebanon.

Flew from (New York) to Amman, Jordan to Beirut and took a taxi back the apartment in Hamra late last night. Slept soundly until a surprise woke me at 6am: Alyssa! In my delirium of late, I got her dates wrong and thought she was due in tonight. I slept through her arrival at the apartment at 4am, but later heard her bustling so we got up and caught up.

I'm going to try to revive the blog and post all my USA trip stuff soon. I have been blog averse these days, but the US trip was great and I should post the pics.


Anonymous said...

On behalf of Beirut, WELCOME back, on behalf of myself, well, y'all (I'm trying to master the Texan accent here), well, ya'll should come live with me in my kapok tree and we can happily stuff teddy bears for ever after and a day. Yes, traditional teddy bears are stuffed with the fluff that comes from around the seeds in the pods grown by kapok trees !
Up ya vegemites.....woo hoo
xxxxxxxxxxxx's Myra :o)

Anonymous said...

Cripes above where's my Nancy blog.......Lola

Anonymous said...

Fat Cow Nancy sabotaged my previous blog !
Why the hell was she left over here ???? Not only has Nancy shrunk all clothing - has swapped all stretch clothing for non-stretch gear - what am I to wear now, potatoe sack ???? begorrah what a bitch - can not put up with her frenzied donut activities any longer.....am cross, very, very cross - have dumped her at airport - be warned - Nancy is on her way.......LOLA