Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Mai Pen Rai

Lawn of a house down the beach from me. Giant Buddha in the distance.

2 June 2010 – Phuket, Thailand.

A lot is going on and I’m a little overwhelmed.

I was going to blog about it, but then I remembered last night walking along the beach I noticed the pretty red spirit houses set against the pink-blue sky. I decided instead of thinking-writing-blogging I’d grab my camera and wander along the beach in hopes the sky would turn pink again.

It did.


assie said...

AWESOME photo dude !!!!!!

Anonymous said...

top baps

Nad said...

Amazing photo... worth a million words!
But I'm still waiting for the thinking-writing-blogging part!!

Anonymous said...

"A lot is going on and I'm a little overwhelmed"......yeah, like what ?? are you going to post the thinking-writing-blogging part or keep us in suspense forever and a day !
Love the photo, it's hot hot hot