Friday, May 28, 2010

Lonely Lego - ยินดียินดี

28 May 2010 - Phuket, Thailand

This morning I was video-skyping with a friend from the theater group (I’m an amateur actress in Phuket community theater these days). My friend is a talented director/writer/ actress and has offered to direct our next production. We were talking about [bxA] the craft of acting (which I know nothing about) and inhibitions that compromise performance (which I know everything about). She explained that many people create shells to conceal their personalities but we just need to chip away a piece of that shell.

I flashed on an animated film of a knife cutting into the head of a gigantic person-shaped wedding cake, carving out an eyeball in a neat rectangular piece of cake, sliding it onto a pie server where it is then delivered to a table at a wedding reception. Thai folk music played in my head.


It took a while for me to place it.

May 2010 - Phuket, Thailand. Park Rawai Shopping Center on Chaofa West Rd.

I was up at Black Canyon Coffee yesterday trying to read a book or assess my list of things-to-do or figure out how the wait staff applied the little temporary tattoos of Thai letters and a World Cup ‘soccer’ ball on their cheeks just under their respective left eyes.

Suddenly all my thoughts fell away and nothing mattered but the music video playing on the television across the room. I was transfixed. My senses were awakened and suddenly I could feel all the little cultural nuances about Thailand that I never seem to notice, but will likely discover once I’m gone. And when I am no longer in Thailand, watching this video will take me right back to this point in time, everything happening in my life right here, right now:

(or link to Youtube here)

Don’t ask me why.


Nad said...

I read somewhere that ironically, actors are very sincere, because the secret of a good performance is when an actor does not really "act", but searches inside himself for a similar experience and re-lives that experience, with all the emotions it entails. This might be exhausting!
Apparently, acting, like yoga, is about being present.

Anonymous said...

Bahahaha & Wahahaha - they look quite fantastic and I can just picture the pair of them decorating the wall of my kapok tree !