Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Avatar & The Atlanta

2 January 2010 - Paragon 3D IMAX Theater, Siam Square, Bangkok, Thailand.

The Atlanta had no vacancies the night of the 1st, so I woke up on the 2nd at a semi-sleazy hotel [bxA]in the heart of the Annie’s massage complex, which spans a full block connecting Soi 1 to Soi 2 and hosts a variety of restaurants and pubs offering Annie’s famous soapy massage. I tried the complimentary breakfast while sitting alone next to two German guys eating with their morning-after Thai bar girls. It didn't look like their massages involved anything to do with soap. The sight was as unappealing as the runny scrambled eggs so I packed my rucksack and headed back to the Atlanta (where sex tourists are not allowed) to book my bus ticket to Cambodia and sip on a cappuccino so delicious it made the whole ordeal worthwhile.

An hour later my bus ticket was booked for 7am on the 3rd. The front desk said a room had come available and I could stay for the night. It was time to hop on the sky train and brave the crowds at the Paragon Imax to see the film everyone in the world was talking about, for which I hadn’t even seen a preview and had no idea the plot or premise.

What a movie! I wanna see it again.

I bounced back to my no-frills room at the magical Atlanta. Stayed up way too late writing postcards (let me know if they arrive!) and fretting a little bit over my decision to save a pile of money by taking the bus rather than a plane to Cambodia.

The alarm on my mobile beeped at 5:30am, when I got up to discover room C15’s hot water was on the fritz. A cold shower seemed apropos for a day I’d spend on a bus crossing the border to Cambodia.

A new year, a new adventure…


Anonymous said...

Hey Ali! I was wondering what you weren't doing so I thought I'd read your blog. Tobias, G.O.B. and I received 2 postcards - thanks! Buster still hasn't set up our skype but I'll let you know as soon as he does (it's challenging now that he only has 1 hand). Luciile and George Sr. (yep) are doing well. Love, MB

Anonymous said...

lol...love this message. i just popped in for a second and saw this. i have not received any postcards...ahem. hey mb...we need to get together. i have something for george sr, lucille & your little one. what happened to buster's hand??? ali, hope to hear from you soon...
love to both of you, lindsay b.

Ali said...

Do I have the character assignments wrong? Why is Buster setting up the Skype? I thought that was a job for Tobias in Daisy Dukes.

Lindsay, you know what happened to Buster's hand! He has a hook now. Geez.

Thanks, MB, I was confused for a half second then burst out laughing.