Saturday, October 3, 2009

Journey to the Ashram

3 October 2009 - Journey from New Delhi to Rishekesh to Uttarkashi, India.

the last few days have been mayhem and magical...

this was my super posh hotel in new delhi. photo was taken at 6am otherwise there'd be a zillion people, cows, bicycles, rickshaws, motorbikes and dogs everywhere.

this is rishikesh where i spent the's a little yoga town halfway between uttarkashi and new delhi. i read in an old dusty lonely planet at a tiny restaurant that the place became well known in the 60s when the beatles came looking for their guru - whom apparently they found because he's named in the lonely planet.

this is where the mountains became spectacular, about an hour into the 5 hour journey today.
my last communication with the outside world before entering the ashram includes (1) a maniacal exchange between me and two friends regarding a massive tax bill i received by email my first night in delhi, and (2) an email i got this morning from a guy with whom i went to middle school and haven't heard from since! I replied and forgot to tell him I'm dying to hear about his time in the middle east (in case he reads this). funny what comes up at the last minute.
i'll have a day off on friday so hopefully i'll post again, unless i decide to forego the internet altogether.
miss y'all!
ps shift key doesn't work on this computer


Buz said...

I hope this reaches you before you go to the convent! Your Dad and I talk every morning about how proud of you we are and quite envious of your travels. Keep going strong and know that we are behind you 100%. We long for every word you post to keep us up to date on what you are doing!


Anonymous said...

Hey there Ali, no more early morning photo shoots, like 6am, OK !! What an ungodly hour to take photographs and this is what happens - we miss out on seeing the zillions of people, rickshaws, cows, motorcycles and dogs, just as well the zillions of people don't crap all over the place as well otherwise one couldn't put one's foot anywhere, except perhaps in one's mouth......up ya gumnuts, LOLA ::o)

Anonymous said...

Hey Ali! It's Nadine from Beirut. I'm waiting for you in December so you can tell me all about the India experience, over coffee at Cafe Younes :-) Take care. Namaste. Nad

Anonymous said...

It's monday, I'm at the office, and I'm reading your blog for inspiration! Nad

Anonymous said...

Hi Ali, It's Karen from the Zen Mountain Monastery, well it's where we met. Sorry for my delay in response....September has been a mind consuming month. So happy to hear from you and I love your blog! Great pic's. Keep me posted in India and I want to hear all about the Ashram. Here is one of the chants we said often at the Monastery...."Evening Gatha" Let me respectfully remind you, life and death are of supreme importance. Time swiftly passes by and opportunity is lost. Each of us should strive to awaken. Awaken. Take heed. Do not squander your life. More to come.....Peace Karen :)