Thursday, October 1, 2009

In India

30 September 2009 - New Delhi, India - outside the Vivek Hotel, City Center

I made it to New Delhi...easy as pie. Had a fun leaving drinks in Beirut last Graffiti, the icafe-by-day-pub-by-night hangout in Hamra where Arezoo and I have become part of the furniture. Just before midnight Derek and Osama walked me back to my apartment where they observed me in travel-tizz mode. They were sweet, asking "where's your money? do you have your passport? your plane ticket details? you should wear your money belt...." They wanted me to put the money belt on right then, like somehow the New Delhi Danger awaited me on the airplane. I haven’t worn a money belt in years, but plan to for the train ride. I’m 36th on the waiting list for a seat on the train, so everyone keeps teasing I’ll be riding on the roof like in the movies…in which case money will be the least of my worries. I’ve been told most Lebanese aren’t interested in travel to India, which seems true since I couldn’t find one India travel book in Beirut, not even at Virgin Megastore. I've had several genuinely concerned Lebanese people lean into me and warn, "Why India? It's dangerous there. Be careful."

Photo taken at Relax Apartments, Beirut-Hamra, Lebanon, room 31.


assie said...

awww empty looking apartment ... :( :( where is all your other stuff ??? you know you will NEED runners and other misc. crap !!!
happy India travels !!!! i remember Roula saying, 'why do you want to go to India ... it is not safe there !!! you should stay here' hehehe ... xxx's

Fiona said...

I know you're heading to an ashram to get your yoga on and tune up the spiritual side but I'll be shallow for a minute and say damn Ali, you're looking so gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

This is a good picture of you Ali