Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Cedars

From Cedars (Public)

26 May 2009 - The Cedars, Lebanon.

Alyssa is safely back home in Australia. She wrote a great farewell letter for the blog but technical difficulties are delaying my posting it. Alyssa declared our trip to the Cedars to be her favorite day of the this post is dedicated to Alyssa. Miss you, Assie!

From Cedars (Public)

Here's the album (click to link):


Anonymous said...

I MISS YOU TOO !!!! i wanna come back !!! i love that you are still blogging even though i know you hate it !!! but it makes me happy to know that one of us is out there still having a good time so i like to read your stories !!!!
miss u, don't miss nancy, miss Lebanon !!!
assie xxx

Anonymous said...

Alyssa Can i bring you home to Texas?Please?You bring Ali home? OK?

Missy said...

Ali! There are some great pics of you in there! Don’t be surprised to see that I have printed them out and prominently displayed them when you visit (only when you visit!). Be prepared to explain the picture of you "SMOKING" to Jonny! That place is gorgeous!

Ali said...

Missy...some people would think it was really thoughtful and kind of me to make the special effort to display photographs of my guests...even if only on the day of their visit;) I only included the photo of me smoking since it was such a horrible photo AND we all know i'm deathly allergic to smoke so it was worth documenting. tell jonny they don't inhale the houkah pipe.