Friday, May 8, 2009

Movin' on Up...

8 May 2009 - Hamra, Beirut, Lebanon.

We came into town today (from our apartment in Byblos), to put a deposit on a flat in Hamra. Looks like we'll relocate on the 14th. Unfortunately, Hamra is a restricted area and I can't take photographs. Thus, I found the one above on the internet. It reminded me of some graffiti I saw my first visit to Hamra which read "make music not war" on a street lined with military patrol. The music reference reminded me of the cool Metallica garage band of teenage boys that jammed every day in the Maldives. Really wish I could photograph the place but I'm still scarred by the last time they confiscated my camera and deleted all my pics.

The subject line is dedicated to my brother, who informed me last week that he's contemplating a purchase of a high-rise condo in downtown Houston because he's "always wanted a high rise, like [his] hero George Jefferson."

Enjoy that deeeluxe apartment, in the sky, Adam!!!


Anonymous said...

how delightful that you're moving into a restricted area. that's comforting. oh well..maybe i've finally found the way to get you to come home. >:-)
you know who this is ;)