Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Driving in Lebanon

5 May 2009 - Afternoon driving in Lebanon.

Here's a Picasa album of some photos I took yesterday. We didn't do anything all day but then a couple of friends took us for a drive for a few hours late in the afternoon. We drove north from Byblos (which is north of Beirut) first to the little town of Batroun on the coast, then straight up into the mountains and Qadisha Valley.

Click on the photo below to link into the album.

Driving Around Lebanon (5 May 2009)


Anonymous said...

Hiya there Ali (peek-a-boo to you too Alyssa, dearest daughter)
WOW, some spectacular photos, thanks so much for sharing. I can just picture myself sitting at the seaside fishing.....hmmmm, do they have flatheads there ?? (they are my fav fish) You girls must do a spot of fishing, you can't go to the seaside and not fish for goodness sake. By the looks of it some spectacular winds too, I'm glad you girls didn't have an umbrella with you because you could have been blown away - no joke - I remember when I was little and I was off to school on an industrial sized hurrican-force windy day and it was raining sleet and I was crossing a bridge when the wind caught my umbrella and I became airborne - this is a true story :o)
You look very pretty in Pink Ali !Is it a 'winnamill' I see on one of the boats in one of the photos - Assie will file you in on 'winnamills' hadehahar stuff and will you be going to Assia to see if it is full of assies ?!?!?!
Love your blogs, a wonderful way to keep up with your adventures, in a weirdo sort of way,it is an adventure for me too !
Love to both of you......take care to stay safe.