Thursday, May 21, 2009

Disappearing Act

21 May 2009 - Lebanon. I'm in Beirut-Hamra, photo was taken in Jbeil.

I am going through one of those spells where I want to take down the blog and delete my Facebook account. I want to be invisible. But...I really appreciate everyone who's emailed about the blog and with interest in what I'm doing these days. (Dennis, it was your email that convinced me to get on with it.) So, here's an update:

I'm in Lebanon completely chilling out…and totally loving it.
Alyssa and I have done a few social things, mostly with one of the guys we met in Cyprus whom we’ve deemed our Third Musketeer (“TM” going forward), some great guys Per & Elly introduced us to, and a few people we’ve met along the way. But mostly we’ve been lazy…hanging at the beach flat, exercising a ton, reading, writing, going to icafes, hanging at the beach. Unapologetic chilling. Finally. Three months of sailing on other people’s boats all over the freaking world warrants a little down time. I’ve been studying Lebanon history a bit, trying to understand the 7th June election and the “trouble” that people warn may ensue when they advise us to get the hell out of here. It’s fascinating.

I relocated to the Hamra flat on Tuesday and Alyssa came up yesterday. We finally made it to a yoga class at this super killer yoga studio in Gemmayzeh last night. Alyssa is heading back to the beach today, but I think I’ll stay in Beirut a few more days to take care of some practical matters. Have I mentioned Alyssa booked her ticket home to Australia? She leaves 5th June, just in time to miss the elections. I’m pretty sure I’m staying a bit longer.

On the rare occasion I write something for the blog, I never post it. I’ll see what I can find, maybe peel some drivel from the journals…but really, nothing’s going on. Nothing much anyway. Or, I guess it’s more accurate to say, nothing I’m going to blog about.

Blogging is just too weird sometimes.


wheelo said...

crap. now you're going to be without alyssa...and i'm gonna worry about you being alone. thanks a lot alyssa...any way i can guilt you into staying longer? ;)
ali...i'm not going to go through old posts and count how many photos you have with feet and feet related seems like i've seen a lot of them? is this some sort of latent fetish i never knew about or is it a new thing? hee.