Thursday, April 23, 2009

Sheiban & the Red Bull Air Race

6th April 2009 - Cairo, Egypt...Alyssa and Sheiban at some pizza place close to the National Museum.

Remember the guy we met in the lobby of the New Garden Palace Hotel in Cairo? He was on his way to Abu Dhabi to blog for the Red Bull Air Race. Well, he made it and I just noticed he ranked #1 as Red Bull Air Race Top Writers. Congratulations, Sheiban! Check out his bio which includes links to his recent articles on the race. Facebook tells me Sheiban is back at home in Toronto and posting pictures of his travels.

Sheiban took us to a great Egyptian pizza place in Cairo (and we went back the next day for lunch....creatures of habit). We had a great time trading crazy-Egypt-travel stories. There were two American girls sitting next to us in the tiny hole-in-the-wall restaurant, sisters who'd been travelling together for several months. One was an ex-banker like me, but she got some killer cush severance package from...Lehman I think it was. No fair! She is going back to school in the fall to do something more humanitarian than banking (what could possibly be more humanitarian than banking?). I've met very few Americans on this trip and even fewer ex-bankers (I think she was the first and only) it was fun to cross their path.