Monday, April 20, 2009

see ya shawarma laterrrr

Hey Y'ALL !!! (I love when Ali says that !!)

It's Alyssa here and I am having a sook about leaving such a cool town even though if I stay I will look like an industrial size baklava !!! Ali and I have had a ball and after a fix on deliciously rich Turkish coffee and a super sugar sweet brekky, we are off sailing to Cypress !!!!!! Ali and I were thinking of hijacking the boat so we could stay here longer, but Per and Elly are such lovely people that we wouldn't dare do such a thing !!! See y'all in Cypress...


Anonymous said...

You are such a shawarma, you really are
LOVE from your mum :o)

Anonymous said...

.........only 5 sleeps and we are all off onna houseboat, stick that up your shawarma.....cheerios & oodles of toodles from Rex (& Ollie) - did you check out my documentary on Oliver on fries' facebook page ?