Monday, April 20, 2009

Leaving Lebanon :(

I'm on wifi on the boat in the marina and can't get my email to work. This blog post is for my parents and Alyssa's parents. (Nikki, please send an email to "Ma & Pa Flint" to let them know it's here.)

Mom, Dad, Alyssa's Mum & Dad,

The good news is...we will be motoring out of the marina in the next two hours, safe and sound after a wonderful ten days in Lebanon. The even better news (to us) is that we are seriously thinking about returning to Beirut in May. I know y'all have been worried about us but we have had such a good time and we're not sure how our travel plans will play out in May so it could be really convenient to return. We've met so many kind and generous people here and we didn't have enough time to see all the sights. Surprisingly, we are both trying to learn the history too and would like to come back to learn from the locals. We will keep you posted.

Elly promises that Cyprus will be more relaxed so hopefully we will start blogging about all the fun we've had here. In the mean time, be sure to check out Elly's blog for great photos. Alyssa and I burned some midnight oil too, in addition to those day we have many many stories to tell (which may be more appropriate in emails, but we shall see. Lots of photos to share too.)

Okay, I better post before I lose wifi. We love y'all and promise to continue to keep each other [relatively] safe. Miss you!

Ali [& Alyssa who is busy readying the boat for our departure]



Anonymous said...

YAY - you are finally out of 'that' place, what a relief, for now, at least :o)
You are a real sweetie Ali and thanks so much for blogging (a funny word that, 'blogging' if the word blogging had a face I'd swear it would have a stuffed up nose !).
So love your blogs and hope you get time to put more up once you have settled in at your new 'digs' and thanks for being my facebook friend........hey, wheelo, if you are reading this how about joining Facebook ?!?!?!?!
hugs & kisses from the lonely vegemite (well, not really that lonely, have mr vegemite to take the edge off missing my little schwarma Alyssa aka Assie

wheelo said...

hi! i'm so sorry...i do actually have a facebook account...but i can't seem to bring myself to be an active facebook participant. it's just so and also...i'm not quite ready to embrace any more technology...i've half a mind to get rid of my cell phone (mobile for all of you outside the u.s.)of course...only 1/2 a mind...hee. but i love to read the blog and i love to read all of y'all's comments. and if there were ever some giant meeting of the friends and family of ali and alyssa...i'd certainly be there. well...maybe not actually be body...but definitely my thoughts and spirit would be with you all.well...i don't know..maybe not. i have some committment i'll just say i'd love to meet everyone theory..hee. anyway. i should probably just stop now ;) but definitely keep commenting here...especially in the LONG breaks between ali's posts. it's quite a treat to read your (and mum and everyone else's) comments :)and now my little computer hog son is pressuring me to get off the computer so he can feed his gaming addiction. gah!