Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Time in a Bottle

March'11 - My kitchen sink.

29 March 2011 - Houston, TX

I was packing up to move again when the bottle of dish washing detergent on my sink reminded me of six months ago when I moved into my Houston apartment. The massive cleaning supplies aisle at Target offered endless quantities of enormous containers of every soap under the sun. I opted for the smallest bottle of dishwashing liquid and wondered which would last longer – the bottle of soap or my time at this destination. It is a ritual I’d gone through in Phuket, Beirut and even London before that. Those tiny bottles were part of my culture shock in London where city dwellers have no other option for size. Stores there are small, shelf space is smaller and you can only take home what will fit into small grocery bags for the mile walk home from the tube station. But everything’s big in Texas so the little bottle is a huge reminder that I’m still in transition.

This time the bottle won. I’m running out before it does.


Nad said...

So the message in the bottle is: keep moving!
Who needs enormous containers of liquid soap? They are constaints in life and weigh you down!
Keep moving, keep blogging

AEG said...

so you are moving to the Big D, besure for forward address for I am usually up that way for the big walk in November.

assie said...

i agree w/ NAD !!! consider yourself lucky that you have dishwash soap in the first place and you're not stuck out at sea, 1/2 way through a sea passage constantly adding water to the near empty soap bottle to make it last that little bit longer !!!! hehe. how are you sponges looking ??? please take and send me a photo !!!

Jeremy said...

You're moving to Dallas? Superb! Cocktails at the Palomar next time I'm over :-) JBJ