Friday, October 15, 2010

Swimming in it...

Bayou City Art Festival October 2010 - featured artist Jeannie Maddox.

14 October 2010 - Houston, Texas

I’m in Houston. There. I said it.

I’d say things are crazy, but [bxA] they’re not exactly crazy. I’d say I’m overwhelmed, but I’m not exactly overwhelmed. I’d say I’m trying to get myself and my life together for the imminent Next Phase, but I’m not exactly making a concerted effort at any one thing.

It feels like I’m snorkeling. I’m constantly moving and I’m in awe of everything I see. I have no idea which direction to go and every now and then I worry about where I’m going or that a shark is hiding behind a pretty coral, but mostly I’m just swimming.

As usual, I’m not sure about the blog. A few days ago Fiona sent me a link to an application that will remind me to blog. Well, I don’t need an application because so many people send me sweet and loving nudges. I love the emails, by the way. I’m always touched (and completely surprised) that so many people follow the blog and worry about me when I disappear.

During the journey from ‘Predicament in a Paper Cup’ to my arrival in Houston, I was on the road for weeks with plenty of time in hotel rooms but no internet access. I blogged a lot but never posted.

So much has happened. My head is still spinning. The camel with my karma has been missing in action for weeks – I suspect he’s still snoring in the corner of my flat in Beirut. Maybe I’ll try to post the forgotten blogs over the next few weeks while I wait for my camel to come trotting down Westheimer wearing a cowboy hat.


MJB said...

great to hear a little bit about how you're doing/what you're experiencing, ali. your 'snorkeling' metaphor is so apt. the art festival poster so reminds me of you at the pool at fisherman way.

keep swimming and keep noticing, really noticing, everything around you

we miss you

assie said...

YAYYY you blogged !!!! thanks Ali - you made my day !! xx

ps. are you snorkeling through any patches of sea lice ??? or poops ??? or jack fish ? or to any Mevericks ? or 'away' to 'escape' any other boats ? around any north buttons ? ot to jeskies ? let's snorkel to some jeskies !!!! yalla. x

Nad said...

I think it's a blessing to be constantly moving and to be in awe of everything you see. Most people I know live in auto-pilot and take everything for granted. You are taking the road less traveled... in your own way!

AEG said...

welcome home and back to the crazy's

Anonymous said...

The swimmeress looks like you. Wished I were in Houston. BFF