Thursday, November 26, 2009

Metal & The Maldives (Esquire Explained)

Metal in the Maldives...

I just got to civilization after a few days at sea to find these great photos from Alyssa in my in-box (of the Maldives boys). Thanks, Assie! You rock. The seemingly unknown Brian posted a link to John H. Richardson's Esquire column this week. You can read what I have to say about metal in the Maldives there, but wanted to share these great photos of the guys that jammed all day every day while we were hanging out on the Addu Atoll in March. In fact, one of Alyssa's and my favorite memories is our farewell-to-Millennium dinner, where we couldn't really talk because the guys were jamming so loud. We loved it! Oh, and the Esquire article contains a great photo of Umair's band in Pakistan (Umair worked with me at BofA in London - thanks, Umair!) so check it out. [bxA]