Tuesday, November 17, 2009


13 November 2009 - Rishikesh, India.

If you never say your name out loud to anyone
They can never ever call you by it

- Regina Spektor


assie said...

so back to normal motions then ??

Anonymous said...

What about if you was to scribble your name down somewheres instead of saying it out loud - will someone call you then or not? - and what if you was to pretend and use another name that is not your own and say that pretend name out loud, will anybody call you then? - if they don't call you is it because they know you used a phoney boloney name and how do they know that? - is it because somebody dobbed you in? - if it is because somebody dobbed you in then how do I find out who that somebody is because I would like to clobber them - I HATE dibber dobbers - all dibber dobbers should mind their own business and only dibber dobb on other dibber dobbers - all dibber dobbers are megawatt fun spoilers.......this isn't Rex either by the way, somebody is only writing that it is Rex but don't believe them - I don't want anybody calling me, ok !

Ali said...

assie...ha! that little meditation spot is right by the river, just a few yards...so i coulda pulled a shantaram for the whole town to watch:) (god i hope no one reads these comments)

hey not-rex, you crack me up. arf arf.

Anonymous said...

'Pulled a shantaram' eh, like 'park benching', and 'being Judithed' ?
Am trying to recall shantaram 'motions', seem to recall he went and plopped off a pier or something in front of an audience.....yeah ?
Cripes above, that's gross....Lola

Anonymous said...

DUH......."hope nobody reads these comments" - honestly Ali Flint......Of COURSE there are nobodies that read these comments, closely followed by all the anybodies, and then there are the somebodies that read the 'comments' and it is the somebodies that actually leave more comments. It would indeed be an empty world if there were no somebodies [sigh] - upyavegemites everybodies and arf arf to you too.