Thursday, August 27, 2009

On the Border

From Bordertown

11 August 2009 - Lebanon - Syria border, driving from Beirut to Damascus.

It takes a long time to cross the border on a bus. First there's the Lebanese exit process, then the Syrian entry process.... and there aren't orderly queues - it's just a bunch of taxi drivers, bus drivers and regular drivers cramming their way to the windows to get the proper stamps. It's hot and there's nothing to do but wait.

From Bordertown

While we were milling around outside the bus, a young boy asked me to take pictures of him and the locals with my camera. The kids like to see the photo replay on the camera screen...and I think the adults get a kick out of it too.

From Bordertown
Here are are few more pics on Picasa.

The bordertown shook my hand
It was the gateway to some other land
The bordertown is the great divide
Just the gateway to some other side
I got to get across
-Chris Whitley, Bordertown