Sunday, June 21, 2009

Fuzz's Photos

22 June 2009 - Beirut, Lebanon

Everyone, meet Fiona, a/k/a "Fuzz". She is Alyssa's best friend and she sailed with us from Phuket to the Andaman Islands (India).

She's a journalist and a great photographer too. After working for a magazine in Vietnam for a while, she's back in Australia and graciously posted her kickass photos of the Andaman's trip. I noticed there were no photos of her in the album since the photographer is rarely photographed. Thus, I thought I'd share these pics.

These photos don't really capture it, but Fuzz is a six foot tall goddess. I'm trying to get her to apply for America's Next Top Model, not because I want her to be a model, but because she's ridiculously smart and cocky and hilarious. Scroll down to for the link to her album.

Photos taken in February 2009 - Andaman Islands, India.

Go here to see Fiona's Picasa album.


Anonymous said...

Can we see more of Fiona? Please