Sunday, May 3, 2009

Park Benching

27 April 2009 - Larnaca, Cyprus. This is the day we left Sybaris, because Per & Elly were planning to depart on the 28th and we were slowly but surely making our plans to return to Lebanon. This was a major travel-transition blah day, best captured by this quote from Alyssa’s journal:

We attempted to look for a hotel room because we were leaving the boat that night as Sybaris was going to leave at 6am the next morning. We were so overwhelmed with what to plan, hotels, packing, etc. so we just went 'phuket' and sat on yet another park bench and ate snacks. We hoed into the remaining rice crackers, coconut logs and pistachios and I got yelled at by some old bag for chucking pistachio shells into the garden.

Dictionary definition of "park bench":

park-bench [pahrk-bench]
- verb

1. to become so overwhelmed by the responsibility to complete numerous tasks by a deadline, that you say phuket, sit on a park bench and eat snacks.