Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Beachfront in Byblos

5 May 2009 - Byblos, Lebanon. Here's the view from the balcony of our cozy apartment in Byblos. We returned to Lebanon on the 1st and moved into this apartment on the 2nd of May.


Anonymous said...

Hey, nice digs but not as nice as my kapok tree - any kapok trees over there ? oooh, do people over there have pets, like goats or whatever and are there any horses and do they have horse competitions ? The only pets I have here are frogs, crickets, an assortment of non-irrating bugs like grasshoppers, no mozzies, they disappeard when the frogs arrived and I've got rocks, lotsa rocks, I love rocks, I've got one from the Grand Canyon - rocks are so easy to look after !
Myra (big grin)
WOWSA - there are viruses trying to get through to my computer whilst on your site !!!

Tim said...

London misses you too!!