Sunday, April 5, 2009

Alyssa's Blogger Debut

Luckily one of us has her act together enough to write a blog post. Thanks, Alyssa!

Blog entry from Alyssa Webb:

Hey there everyone !!! I’ve decided to do a little contribution to Ali’s cool blog and hijack it for a bit. We are both having a fantastic time painting the places red… or pink… or yellow… anyway… whatever… in each place we have been to. We have both been really fortunate to have a great and successful journey so far with the worst thing to happen being a rotten egg encounter whilst on the 13 day sea passage in the galley. To make a long story short… rotten eggs are just so SO incredibly horrible, rank and NASTY and that was a real test to our ‘we haven’t been sea sick yet’ statement. *touches wood* We still haven’t been sea sick yet… (Yikes ! Probably shouldn’t say that !!) Sailing from Hurgarda to Port Suez was a big test as we encountered up to 30 knots of wind and big waves !! It was a rough journey but it was pretty cool to be air bourn whilst sleeping !!! Yeeee HARRR !!!
Anyway… I won’t ramble on too much as my ramble isn’t anywhere near as interesting as Ali’s ramble. But below are a few things I have learnt on my travel adventures so far:

  • The best toilet is your own toilet at home !!
  • You don’t understand and appreciate the full effort required to produce one cup of coffee until you are on a sail boat, heeled over, rocking away, going up and down with the waves, balancing everything, trying to light the moving stove, not to burn yourself whilst pouring boiling water into the cup, ignoring the roaches, trying to walk back into the cockpit and not to spill your liquid gold all over the place.
  • No matter where I am and how bumpy and noisy the place might be, I sleep like a baby.
  • When you have been at sea for two weeks, in order to feel like a million dollars, all you have to do is wash your hair with shampoo and conditioner. I could have been a model for Pantine !!!
  • No matter how much you think you can kill your chocolate addiction, you really can’t !! Don’t kid yourself !
  • No matter how crummy you feel, seeing a pod of dolphins swim along and play at the bow really makes your day and brings a smile to your face.
  • One of the best birthday presents a friend could give you is doing the job of scooping toilet water out of the broken toilet bowl. (I’ll never forget it Ali !!)
  • Thunder storms are still scary… even at 23 years of age !!
  • You never get sick of seeing breathtaking magical sunsets and you never get your arse into get to get out of bed to witness a sunrise !
  • Seeing the stars of the Southern Cross in the night sky makes me really happy.
  • I could never sail by myself. I love the company of others.
  • I never get tired of drinking iced milos… mmmmmm… milos…
  • You can never take too many pictures.
  • There is no dotted equator line in the ocean marking the southern and northern hemispheres. Disappointing !
  • When you think you are going crazy when you reach the doldrums, you really are ! But it is fun to let it happen and be silly and laugh. There is always another nutter with you on your wavelength.
  • Playing chess is fun.
  • Write a ‘quote of the day’ each day.
  • You can’t have too much leave-in conditioner ! My hair is like having a high maintenance girl/boy friend.
  • Seeing waves break makes me really really excited !!!
  • Fresh fruit is just awesome.
  • No matter how much it costs, it is totally worth while to pay to get your laundry done once and a while. And once you get it back from the cleaners you will sit and smell your clothes for ten minutes and you won’t feel like a weirdo because it is just soooo good to have REAL clean clothes !! (And you have a friend who is doing the same thing as you !!)
  • You get tired and sleepy from doing absolutely nothing all day.
  • No matter how much you lie around waiting for the next coconut to drop, it NEVER drops !
  • If you want to get anywhere fast, don’t let Ali and Alyssa row you in a dinghy !
  • I love falling asleep at night on deck listening to the sound of the waves crashing on the shore.
  • You can never ignore the voice inside your head telling you to have a second helping and it doesn’t matter if your pants don’t fit !
  • When you haven’t seen any other form of human life in days, it is really exciting to see another boat or ship !!
  • You never tire of seeing all the massive cargo ships ! They are so wickedly cool !!! Not to mention BIG !!!
  • You CAN take control and manifest your destiny.
  • Getting e-mails from your parents is really exciting and wonderful. Friends too !!!
  • You always see something new when you snorkel.
  • Sea lice are HORRIBLE creatures !!! So are mosquitoes and flies !!
  • Ali and I are really good at washing dishes.
  • Bank fees from withdrawing money overseas SUCK!
  • From the small parts of the world I have seen, the world is a truly beautiful place. There are no ugly parts of the world. It’s the people that create the ugly parts.
  • When you haven’t seen any human life form for four days and you have been stuck on a deserted island, you’re never intimidated to talk to anyone once back in civilization.
  • Check the weather BEFORE you arrive to your next destination. Don’t sit on Facebook writing on your friend’s wall random stuff (who is sitting next to you anyway!) CHECK THE WEATHER !!
  • Samosas and chai are just sooooo good!
  • I love the Indian head wiggle !!!!
  • Always have a photo of your parents and animals with you.
  • Sunshine + sailing + chocolate + good company = HAPPINESS !!
  • When all else fails, just laugh……… and laugh and laugh and laugh until you are in so much pain !!! It’s just the best !!!

    I have decided I am going to circumnavigate the world twice one day… soon I hope… I have it all planned out. My boat will be called either Burli, Byron or Burleigh. Not too sure yet. It will have a navy blue hull and have frangipanis painted next to the name. I have my map planned out with destinations I want to go to and I want to sail to the surfing season (so I don’t miss the waves this time!!) Positions seeking: chef, yoga instructor, person trainer (to kick my lazy ass into gear), general shitty jobs person, a sailboat know it all, a musical person, a comedian and cool people in general. Anyone interested………………… ???? Apply within to Captain Alyssa. J


Anonymous said...

Hey there doody dude....the sea has turned you into quite a little philosopher - I'm still living in the kapok tree, it's AWESOME and there are no sea lice !
I wouldn't mind applying for a position on your boat (when you get one) but am not interested in the position of general shitty jobs person, you should do your own shitty jobs because you can't trust anybody that does shitty jobs for somebody else and shitty job people don't have a sense of humour, that's why they do shitty jobs in the first place !! You wouldn't have a vacancy on board for a kapok tree lecturer by any chance would you? I've got a good sense of humour, can whistle and wouldn't clutter the boat because I don't need a blackboard, I'm sure the deck will do fine to scribble on! keep on keeping on with a smile on your dial :o)