Wednesday, March 25, 2009

John H. Richardson, Francis Bacon, BofA and Me

My favorite writer and great friend, John H. Richardson, surprised me this week by using one of my email stories in his weekly on-line Esquire column: The Richardson Report.

To all the BofA friends mentioned, sorry, but it didn't occur to me to change the names to protect the innocent;)


wheelo said...

Thanks for the article, John :)
I don't know why, but for some reason, this article, more than the other posts makes me miss her even more :(

Missy said...

It's the picture...

wheelo said...

yea missy!!! you're reading the blog!!! i'm so happy :)

Kelli said...

Ali - You are so famous now! Very insightful on the art, I am sorry no one wanted to understand your polite way of telling them they are souless and trapped in an awful reality :) Very southern of you to break the news to them as a question, which I am sure they only understood days later. I am so happy you are being so adventurous, I am ready for your book now, I will add boring stay at home mom suburbia commentary if you need it.

nathan nearin nirvana said...

Hi Ali, just your wee story and it's a cracker. Sure puts a new meaning on Bumble-B's (bankers)?
I would love to hear more, mibbe no 'Bonfire of Vanities', but with Ali humour? How about short stories on 'Campfire of Cretins'?
Be well, and get a good conditioner as that salt will kill
your hair, lady!
nathan nearin nirvana