Monday, March 2, 2009

Black Label and Dredlocks

Our last night in Port Blair, we had dinner with Sacha and his friend Hugo, a Swedish backpacker with a guitar. This day was the first time we'd been in civilization in many many days (North Button Meltdown!) and had spent hours on the internet reconnecting to the world. Sacha said he was surprised to hear how the "geck" (global economic crisis, coined by Fuzz) was affecting his friends. We were about to embark on a conversation about it when Alyssa interjected a question to Hugo, "so are you growing dreds?" And then the conversation happily turned to growing and maintaining dreadlocks since Alyssa's worn them too. Phew, thank goodness we had our priorities straight...that geck thing could have been a total bummer.


Anonymous said...

Heya.......really interesting reading. I'm living in a kapok tree at the moment with no human contact (so far) so all is ok - no undercurrents - pardon the pun ! I betcha there's heaps of undercurrents that you've sailed over in your blog.....cheers, stay safe and keep happy and keep on keeping on........Myra :o)