Thursday, February 5, 2009

One lost soul living in a fish bowl…

5 February 2009, 10am – Phuket, Thailand. One last day/night here at the Phuket Hilton then I get on the boat tomorrow morning around 9am. John says we’ll start the customs clearing process in the afternoon.

I spent yesterday at the beach but today I’m taking in some of the sights. Walking along the bustling beach road last night, it occurred to me that the Phuket Hilton is a safety zone for me. I’m in Thailand, but sheltered by a comfy American hotel with English speaking staff, hamburgers on the menu, CNN on the telly, all the trappings of western life including considerable safety. Even the exit guards know me by now and seem to keep a watchful eye as I wander off into the real world. It reminds me of how the pet store sells new fish in the little Ziploc baggie, which you submerge into the bigger aquarium until the little fishy acclimates to the new environment. The Hilton is my little Ziploc baggie and tomorrow I get released into the wild…


wheelo said...

well, i for one am glad you're in the baggie, little fishy :)
and i'm glad the skipper seems to be a good guy...and experienced sailor. for my peace of mind, i will imagine that you are kept in the bag...even on the voyage.
don't forget...when you get to the andaman islands...stay away from the tribal areas. and don't pick up ANYTHING on the beach. and don't forget sunscreen. OMG...did you remember to get the camel pack? if you did, keep it on at all times and wear it under your shirt...who cares if you look like a'll be a hydrated hunchback ;)
i'm so excited for you. i'll miss you. and i love you!!!